Companies and organisations frequently prioritise exterior and interior painting when renovating industrial facilities. Unless the damage is severe enough to disrupt everyday operations, floors are largely ignored. They are, nevertheless, necessary for safety and keeping facilities clean, as well as having a significant impact on production.

Mother Build Care, An eminent epoxy flooring contractor in Chennai, has a lot of expertise with industrial flooring. Epoxy floor coating has shown to be a durable option capable of fortifying and protecting concrete surfaces while also altering facilities with its glazing finish on countless times. As a result, we’d like to share some of our professional perspectives on the advantages of epoxy flooring.

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

With epoxide resin and polyamine hardener as its main ingredients, epoxy is a material used for sealing concrete floors and as an adhesive. Epoxy floor coating not only protects surfaces against damages but also leaves otherwise well-trafficked facilities looking professional and appealing.

The applications of this coating technique for industrial and commercial structures are as broad as epoxy flooring benefits, ranging from warehouses and manufacturing plants to labs, garages, auto shops, and passageways. Epoxy coatings are also commonly used on ceilings and walls. This high-impact, seamless surface can withstand large loads and severe handling for an extended period of time.

Great Durability

  • Epoxy coating also has the advantage of being extremely durable. Epoxy will survive considerably longer than wood, carpets, or tiles over concrete floors. It contains protective properties that make it resistant to a lot of wear, stains, water, and shock.
  • It’s a reliable and practical option that won’t need to be replaced or redone for a long time. Epoxy flooring’ durability may be one of the factors that makes them so cost-effective, allowing businesses to spend their money on more vital things.

High Resistance

Industrial environments are frequently subjected to excessive traffic, wetness, heat, and shocks. Epoxy flooring is a durable, chemical-resistant surface that can withstand the weight of heavy machines, tools, and automobiles without scuffing.

High-grade epoxy, especially phosphorus-containing epoxy, can withstand temperatures of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also resistant to corrosive chemicals, brake fluids, heat, and oil, making it an excellent choice for commercial kitchens and garage floors. It also keeps chemicals from seeping into the concrete and leaving dangerous residue.

Vehicle Compatibility

Epoxy floor coating, unlike concrete, is soft on vehicle tyres and will not cause deterioration or corrosion. Epoxy provides good support for cars for long periods of time since it can endure huge weights.

Epoxy flooring is ideal for garages because it can withstand severe chemicals, chemical spills, and stains.

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Provides Protection

Epoxy flooring systems screen and protect industrial concrete floors, wood, and other surfaces when they are sealed. This very strong polymer adds a protective layer to the surfaces, making them more robust and preventing them from breaking and cracking.

Over the course of a few days, multiple coats of epoxy are applied to the floor, resulting in a firm, stain- and defect-free surface.

Easy To Maintain

One of the things epoxy is known for is its ease of upkeep. The maintenance is basic and includes sweeping or vacuuming with a broom and simple mopping with detergent and water. Because of its excellent abrasion resistance, industrial epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean with industrial heavy-duty appliances without leaving scratches.

Epoxy is a very safe and sanitary covering since it does not allow dust, germs, bacteria, or other impurities to accumulate easily. One thing to keep in mind is to stay away from acidic materials, which can diminish the epoxy floor finish’s high shine.

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