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Impeccably analysed and well–designed waterproofing & epoxy flooring system will only work if it’s installed rightly. We flatter ourselves on the quality of our installations and keep our technicians up-to-date with the rearmost practices. Our lead technicians are well educated and professionals in waterproofing & Epoxy flooring. Our work is guaranteed up to 10 Years.

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Best among waterproofing contractors.

Mother Build Care System have been guaranteeing work for over 20+ years in Chennai and across South India. We have built up a reputation for supplying an honest and professional service in Waterproofing Insustry.

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With our own team, we design supply and install waterproofing systems on time.

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Our surveyors will advise on the correct application of waterproofing materials for you.

Over 20+ Years Experience & Knowledge Of Waterproofing & Epoxy Flooring.

Our exceptional products are matched with a network of Mother Build Care System to offer a fully guaranteed installation and maintenance service – wherever you are and whatever the size of your project.

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Water Seepage in Walls? Don’t Know What Caused It?

Water Seepage in Walls? Don’t Know What Caused It?

The passage of water from one point to another through porous materials or small gaps is referred to as seepage. It’s a common problem in all structures, and it usually appears after big rains, pipe bursts, or prolonged exposure to pools of water. Water, if left unchecked or untreated, can represent a major threat to […]

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Industries – Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Companies and organisations frequently prioritise exterior and interior painting when renovating industrial facilities. Unless the damage is severe enough to disrupt everyday operations, floors are largely ignored. They are, nevertheless, necessary for safety and keeping facilities clean, as well as having a significant impact on production. Mother Build Care, An eminent epoxy flooring contractor in Chennai, […]

Effects of Dampness in Wall

Effects of Dampness in Wall

Effects of Dampness in Wall Effect of wall dampness There are many injurious effects which are a direct result of dampness in walls of buildings: Unhygienic condition inside the building – inviting various diseases to the inmates. Decay – The action of moisture on the different portions of the structure induce decay and disintegration of […]