Effect of wall dampness

There are many injurious effects which are a direct result of dampness in walls of buildings:

  1. Unhygienic condition inside the building – inviting various diseases to the inmates.
  2. Decay – The action of moisture on the different portions of the structure induce decay and disintegration of materials like bricks, stone, steel, timber, etc. as the continuous presence of moisture in the portions causes growth of moss, fungus and corrosion.
  3. Dry rot – The presence of moisture in timber causes the disease in the timber, termed dry rot. Dry rot is effective due to the presence of a virulent type of fungus allied to mushroom type.
  4. Disintegration – The continued presence of moisture in brick may cause mechanical injury to the wall. If there are cracks in the wall or porosity that may retain water; at freezing temperature, the water will freeze, increase in volume and cause severe damage.
  5. Efflorescence – It is produced by the entrance of moisture in the brickwork which usually contains various soluble salts. These salts are dissolved by the water and issue from the pores of the bricks, they crystallise and cause disintegration of bricks.
  6. Furniture – They are damaged due to a continuously damp environment.
  7. Decoration of timber, bamboo, wallpapering, etc. get damaged.
  8. Warping and decay of timber.
  9. Plaster getting soft and subsequently crumbling.
  10. Corrosion of metal.
  11. Damage to electrical installations and short-circuiting.
  12. Deterioration of floor covering.
  13. Infestation of termites.
  14. Blistering, flaking and bleaching of paint.
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